Our Core Values

We strive to connect the world to God’s Redemption Story.

By God’s grace, we hope to be a church that is:

1. Christocentric. Colossians 1 states in no uncertain terms that Jesus is supreme over all things and that all things were created by him and for him. By God’s grace, TRC will always ask the question, “What does Jesus want to see in our church?” We will stress the need to revolve everything around Jesus Christ for we believe He alone holds the distinction of being fully God and fully man, who came to bring redemption for a fallen humanity.

2. Repentant. The pathway to redemption is through the doorway of repentance. TRC will not cut corners in owning up to our sins. We want to be fully aware of God’s holiness and our shortcomings but doubly amazed at God’s love through Jesus Christ and our redemption.

3. Deep.We don’t want to measure success at TRC by numeric growth alone. The evidence of success is sometimes not revealed through quantifiable measurements of numbers and statistics. We understand that Jesus’ call for his church is to raise up disciples who will subsequently raise up more disciples and so on (Matthew 28). Maturity as evinced by Christ-likeness is our ultimate aim (Philippians 3).

There are three major areas we want to see depth in.

  • Deep in Word via expository preaching, Life Group studying and sharing, special class learning.
  • Deep in Prayer or more generally depth in spirituality. By God’s grace, we want to develop a culture of prayer.
  • Deep Community. We live in an internet generation where connectivity is easier than community. We want to work hard to be a community of integritytransparency, and accountability. We want to be a community that has a comprehensive lifestyle of worship that can win the favor of all people (Acts 2:47).

4. Missional. TRC will seek to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ through missions and evangelism. We hope to engage the world we live in through a missional mindset where our love, hope, and godly living will attract others to the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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