2017 Lent: Read Together, Feast Together

March 1, 2017 by Jong Park

Lent (40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Easter) is a time when we try to focus our attention on the cross of Jesus Christ and our call to follow Him. Of course, as His disciples, this is something we try to do 24/365. However, Lent is a special season of increased focus, appreciation, and rededication to Jesus.

In the past, we have emphasized fasting from something during Lent in order to “trim the fat” from our spiritual lives so we can be sleeker and stronger in our devotion to the Lord. But fasting without feasting (giving something up without replacing it with more of God) is not merely pointless, it’s downright dangerous (Matthew 12:43-45).

So during this Lent, I thought it would be nice to journey with Jesus by reading His Word together as a church. The purpose is to feast on more of Christ through reading His Word.

There will be two reading plans you can choose from – light and avid. The light reading plan covers 12 books of the New Testament. The avid reading plan covers the entire New Testament.

In addition to reading the planned portions, we will also write out the book of Mark during Lent. By writing out Scripture with our own hand, we want to slow down our “chew” on the Word. Memory verses are also included each week.

To give this whole thing more of a communal feel, I’ll blog periodically. Whenever I engage with God’s Word, I find both treasure and garbage – treasure in His Word and garbage in my heart. He digs junk out of me as I dig into His truth. My hope is that as I share, and as you read along, you will feel encouraged and shepherded in some small way.  Let’s eat! 


Week 1: March 6-10

Week 2: March 13-17

Week 3: March 20-24

Week 4: March 27-31

Week 5: April 3-7

Week 6: April 10-14

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