3 Pieces of Paper

October 24, 2011 by Jong Park


Imagine three pieces of paper. Which one are you?

The first paper has writing from top to bottom, edge-to-edge, corner-to-corner; there’s no shortage of thoughts on this piece of paper. Some of us are just like this—we have so many plans for our lives, so many particular preferences and opinions of how life should be. Our heart-page is filled with our story and there is no space for God to write His thoughts. There is no understanding or desire for His Redemption story. Selfish dreams and ambitions crowd this kind of heart and angry sentiments rise to the surface when life doesn’t go according to plan.

The second paper has writing within the margins. There’s a blank border of about an inch on every side so that God, like a teacher, can write comments on it. We leave him just enough room to write a little bit, but it’s a very small space. We welcome feedback but not too much to be uncomfortable. It’s still our story.

The third paper has no writing on it. It’s completely blank. In fact, the writer has surrendered their pen. Lord you write the story, s/he says, and I will followYou are the Author of my life. You are the King of my world. You are the Redeemer of my soul and I trust that you will write the best story ever in my life. Write Lord, and I will follow those words.

If you offer him the third paper, God will write His story on it but it won’t be all at once. It will be written little by little, in his perfect timing, and it will always be in the context of Redemptive History—you get to play a part in the grand meta-narrative of Salvation history! When you get impatient or grow distrustful, remember that the Author is perfect and he loves you. You can trust him till the end of the story.

In the midst of all this, beautiful ministry will take place. As He writes on your page, you will become His letter of love to a dying world. People’s stories can be altered forever as they see and read about Jesus through you. Your life can be His invitation to the world to be a part of God’s Redemption Story. People’s eternity can be changed because you chose the third paper.

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