9 Encouragements for Moms and Mr.Moms

September 22, 2011 by jpark

Acknowledging that we will have a growing group of moms at TRC and being aware that there are many future mom’s-to-be, thought this would be a helpful encouragement (From an article posted by a mom on

9 Thoughts

1 – Dependence. My work as a mother is utterly dependent on God. I should pray for help.

2 – Integrity. My work as a mother requires honesty and consistency. My children and their father should be able to depend on me.

3 – Skill. My work as a mother is a gift that requires stewardship, so I should look for ways to develop my skills.

4 – Corporate shaping. I have influence in shaping the ethos of my home, so the structure and expectations I set up should be in accordance with the gospel of grace.

5 – Impact. My goals are not simply to feed, clothe, educate and bathe my children. My goals involve impacting them on a spiritual level, and I should focus significant attention on this endeavor as well.

6 – Communication. As I interact with my children and the people around me I ought to winsomely, naturally and joyfully communicate the love of God.

7 – Love. I ought to have an attitude of service, initiating ways to practically love my children through good times and bad.

8 – Money. I should use the resources God has given me to show how Christ is a greater treasure to me than money.

9 – Thanks. My work as a mother ought to be marked by thankfulness and not complaining.


When I grieve that I’ll never be a perfect mother then the gospel comforts me by reminding me to live in the reality that my acceptance is based on Christ’s righteousness. When I’m tempted to gloat in my motherly accomplishments then the gospel humbles me through the reminder that these blessings are gifts from God to lead me to God.

So here I am at the end of the day again… but instead of grieving with guilt or gloating with pride, the gospel of grace enables me to tuck my children into their beds and confess with tears of joyful relief, “For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36)”



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