And We're Off! TRC Launch Service 9.19.10

September 22, 2010 by jpark

The Redemption Church held our first service at 1pm on Sept. 19, 2010 at the Naperville Presbyterian Church.

Every single person involved (from the core team to outside supporters) worked tirelessly to put the service together. It was a great picture of the Body of Christ in action.

Before the service, when we were printing out the bulletin, we had no idea how many to make! We ended up making 75 and figured we’d have a lot of extras. Go figure, we had exactly 75 adults and 10 children at the service. It was a mixed bag of people, ranging from supporters, visitors, seekers, and the core group. We are excited to see the people God will bring in the weeks to come. Soli Deo Gloria.

Please find below the first page of our upcoming newsletter with the above text and additional pictures.

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