Announcements - February 16, 2020

February 17, 2020 by jpark

Elder Installation Joint Sunday Service
We will have a joint Sunday service on 3/1 at Merit to celebrate as a single body and community the installation of our Elders. Joint service will start at 10:30am and please account for travel times and remember that the Merit parking area is reserved for families. Join us for this amazing milestone!

City Special Class“Living the Gospel in Contemporary Society”
We’re excited to have Dr. Theon Hill teach this 4-part class titled “Living the Gospel in Contemporary Society” in the City this spring. The classes will be held in the City immediately after service on Sundays 2/23, 3/8, 4/5, 5/10.  Please sign up at the welcoming table to help us plan.

Lisle Welcome Gifts / Lost & Found
If you’re new or a visitor to Lisle, please stop by our welcoming table to receive a welcoming gift bag. Also, please fill out the “Connect With Us” card inside your bulletin to drop off at the welcoming table (blank cards can be dropped off at a box near the door). Additionally, all Lisle attendees are asked to stop by the Lost & Found at the welcoming table to claim lost items.

City Food Ministry
The City food ministry is looking for additional volunteers to help on Sundays!  If you’re interested, please reach out to Peter Hu (

Thursday Prayer Meeting
TPM this week 2/20 will be in Lisle at National Louis University. Next week 2/27, TPM will be in the City. 

TRC Family Retreat
Our second TRC Family Retreat will be on Saturday, 2/29 at Hahna Presbyterian Church (1485 Whitcomb Ave., Des Plaines). Parents, married and engaged couples are invited to attend. Retreat starts at 9am and concludes with dinner. Registration is live at the TRC website!  Also, we’re looking for volunteers to help out, even for just a portion of the retreat.  Sign up at the welcoming table or email April Wang (

Life Groups
If you are interested in joining a smaller group of friends to study the Word, fellowship, and share life with one another, stop by our welcoming table to learn more or sign up on our website! We have many life groups across the city and suburbs, sign up today!

Lord’s Day Services
Please join us for our Lord’s day services in the southwest suburbs and the city (west loop).
Lisle – 9:30am Sundays at National Louis University (850 Warrenville Rd.)
City – 11:30am Sundays at Merit School of Music (38 S Peoria St.)

Thursday Prayer Meetings
Alternates weekly between Lisle and City
Lisle – 7:30pm Thursdays at National Louis University (850 Warrenville Rd.)
City – 7:30pm Thursdays at Immanuel Baptist Church (1443 W. Roosevelt Rd.)

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