Are you a caddie?

August 17, 2011 by jpark

A couple of weeks ago now Steve Williams made headlines in the sports world. That’s right Steve Williams. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Who’s Steve Williams?” and I think that’s precisely the point. Steve Williams for all you non-sports, non-golf fans out there was Tiger Wood’s caddie. The operative word here is “was”. Tiger fired him some months ago and now Steve is working for another prominent golfer Adam Scott.

The reason he made headlines was because upon being interviewed after Scott’s very first PGA tour win, Steve Williams decided to take it upon himself to make some controversial comments about his former employer, Tiger Woods.

It was this very decision that convicted me to pray and repent because Steve Williams, like many of us, forgot one very important thing…We are CADDIES.

Simply put, we are not the ones that should be taking the spot light. We are only subplots within the greater plot and the greater Redemptive Story that God is writing, but it’s usually during our mid-days and our mid-weeks that we often forget this very fundamental truth isn’t it? It’s a sobering exercise to be asking oneself how this truth is (or isn’t) being realized today, but I do think it is a helpful one.

God is God and I am not-so elementary, so basic, yet so easily forgotten…at least for me, but as we live out our days and work through the mundaneness of each passing moment I think we can be encouraged by how John B., perhaps, lived it and said it best:

He must increase, but I must decrease.



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