Evidences of God's Grace

September 26, 2017 by Jong Park

Dear TRC family,

It feels like things have been going at a break-neck speed the last few weeks, doesn’t it? Preparing for the launch of two services has been, in the words of a church member, “one big blur.” I thought it would be good to collectively pause for a minute and consider how good God has been to us. I thought of three major evidences of God’s grace in our midst.

People have been reaching out with greater energy. People have been inviting friends to church, passing out flyers at different campuses (Wheaton, UIC, COD), building relationships in everyday context, etc. Many of you have been putting yourself out there, taking risks, and engaging people in spiritual conversations. Personally, it’s been humbling and challenging as I hear of your intentional and persistent outreach efforts.

People have been praying with greater passion. The preparation prayer meetings at Robin and Janet’s place have been packed! What an amazing thing to corporately cry out for God’s favor. Both city people and folks from the burbs have shown up to pray together. I’ve been blessed by the atmosphere of unified dependence on the Lord. We can do nothing, but He can do everything, even through nobodies like us.

People have been serving with greater love. There have been incredible sacrifices made the last few weeks. People have been working tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to make vision into reality. Re-organizing children’s ministry, designing signs, preparing themselves to lead life groups… there are too many things to list. We can’t build anything if we refuse to sweat. God bless all of you who’ve been serving.

It is such a privilege to grow together. Let’s continue to press on, for his glory and our joy.


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