Lent Devotional Day 9

March 2, 2012 by Jong Park

“A Basketball Parable: From the Cheap Seats to the Hardwood”

Ever been to a Chicago Bulls game? Or any NBA game? The closer the seats to the court, the more expensive; the farther the cheaper.

The thing with sitting in the cheap seats is that you’re really removed from the action. Sure, you have your JumboTron to catch the replays but you don’t hear the squeaking of the sneakers, the grunt of the players, and see the furrowed brows of the coach. It’s simply too far away.

So how do you get close? How do you get court side? One way is to pay a lot of money for a better ticket. The other way, of course, is to know one of the players. It helps if he is the best player. He might even get you into the locker room after the game.

Here is the amazing twist of the gospel: we are not merely invited into the locker room, but we are given a uniform and the skills to go along with it. We are told to suit up and play in the actual game and empowered to do so. It’s an exciting truth that we are called to be participants in the redemption story and not merely spectators.

None of us could even come into the stadium before we met Christ. Until we repented of our sin nature/sins and put our faith in Christ, we weren’t even granted access. We had no idea what the stadium looked like inside. But now we are in, so let’s get closer to the action. Stop insisting how great the cheap seats are. Let’s get close … to the Father’s heart, to the Father’s Story.

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