OTR Team Update - 7/17/2017

July 18, 2017 by David An

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your prayers and support thus far – it’s been an encouragement for us to know that our family back home is praying for us.

Today was the first day of Kids Camp! We’ve had an exciting start to the week, with fifty-four students attending. We’ve all been dispersed into different stations to serve, so all our experiences have been quite different but God has been growing us.

As we continue the camp, our prayer is that many students would have the opportunity to hear the message of the Gospel and experience the love of the Father through the many missionary volunteers.

Here are some individual updates and prayer requests from the team!


Hello TRC family. It’s been quite the stretching time so far at OTR trying to be intentional in loving the people we encountered through street evangelism and Kids Camp. Please pray for physical and spiritual strength to get through the rest of the week with a focused but flexible mind and attitude.


Hi Everyone- Thank you for your prayers thus far, God has been rocking my world since day one at OTR! Through my interactions with this community and members of OTR Living Water Church, I was reminded just how awesome and real the Gospel is. I’m exhausted physically but so refreshed spiritually- please pray for deep conviction in the Word and obedience in following Jesus.


One thing that has been growing throughout this trip is the deep burden for people who do not know the Gospel. I really felt the love God has for His people during street evangelism. We tried to bless the community by telling them that God hears and cares for them through the Gospel message. Please pray that I would continue to have a burden for those who do not know the Lord.


Hey all, the biggest conviction of this trip is that regardless of how much darkness I see, I need to have faith that God is always at work.  Although I will be leaving OTR at the end of this trip, I am hoping that God can use me to make an impact in even one individual’s life through the love of Christ. I am trying to faithfully scatter the seeds and trusting that God has prepared good soil. Please pray that my heart will always break for those who need to experience the love of God.


Hey everyone, thanks for praying! It’s been good to be back to OTR and I’ve been overwhelmed by a flood of memories. One recurring theme for me has been learning to have hope despite the visible brokenness around me. Please pray that as I serve the community at OTR, that I would do so clinging to the hope of Christ in the Gospel!


My time here has been challenging in the best way. The preaching and prayer times have helped me realize how old my heart has gotten, and how much I have yet to grow, especially in the area of faith to believe that God is always good. Please pray that God would become greater and mightier in my eyes. Please also pray for many opportunities for me to share the Gospel with the students and parents I encounter here!


I think God has been teaching me to have a servants heart and to be as selfless as possible. I am learning more about God and how much he loves us and am trying to love the people I meet with that same love. Also pray that as I even after I leave OTR, the lessons I learn will still stick with me and that I will have faith in God in all that he is doing in my life.

Thank you again everyone for your prayers =)


OTR Team

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