OTR Team Update - July 20, 2016

July 21, 2016 by David An

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates but don’t worry – we’re doing well!


We’re currently mid-way through the VBS program that we’re putting together for the kids in the neighborhood. So far, we’ve participated in  three days of the Camp and our team (along with some other churches) has been going to a local park to set up different stations for the kids – there’s games, crafts, skits, body worship and story-telling!

Through all of these activities, we’re hoping they’ll be avenues to spend time with the kids to show & teach them about God’s love for them. As many of these children have witnessed brokenness in their homes or on the streets, we’re praying that the Gospel will bring healing and hope in their lives. On Tuesday, some of the kids made a paper-bag breastplate of righteousness. I noticed that one of the kids had written the words GOD at the center of his. When I asked him what that meant to him, he confidently responded “because I know that God is the one who protects me”. It was a clear reminder that God is powerfully working here in the hearts of these children and we pray that this would be a reality for all of the kids.

As we only have a couple days left, please continue to pray that we would fix our eyes upon Christ & make the most of the opportunities that God gives us.

Here’s are some updates from the rest of the team =)

Eunseok: Trip has been real blessing so far. Though we are exhausted, we get to see what God is doing in this broken community. He wants to restore His people and also He wants to use us. We want to give all out next two days because we know He is working through us. Please pray for greater faith and pure heart. Thanks!!

Dan: During my time here, I’m seeing how I have so many selfish things that get in the way of HIS glory and really showing other people what God’s love truly is. It’s been quite a humbling and growing experience for me. It’s been awesome – thank you for your prayers and keep praying for us please. 

Jenny: A brief update- I actually haven’t been working with the other team members, I’ve been assigned to a different team, the games team, for Kids Camp. I think through that, God has been teaching me a lot about patience. The team I’m working with right now is really big and with many different people – the age range is 19 to almost 50. And so, the team dynamic has been very interesting and so through it, God has been teaching me how to be patient with people who are different from me. Also, I’m being challenged to be flexible. Pastor Matt had a sermon on being available rather than being reliant on our abilities. 

Andrea: Hi TRC family! It’s been about almost a week since we’ve arrived in OTR. One of the highlights of this trip has simply just been seeing God’s faithfulness. Since my time in OTR in 2013-2015, this was the 1st year that our own Living Water church members participated in the School of Evangelism! They’d only been attending church for less than a year and yet, they were adamant about sharing the Gospel! It was just a continued reminder that God doesn’t NEED us…that it’s not about what we do or say, but about His work in His perfect timing. I also learned how to dab =) 

Please pray for: Healing for migraines & continued heart of humility & surrender. 

Jess:  Our time in OTR is flying by! I think my favorite portion of the OTR trip so far has been street evangelizing. I was so nervous and anxious about it that my stomach felt all butterfly-y, especially the second day! But through just doing it, I realized how thrilling and joy-producing it is to obey and serve God in ways outside of my comfort zone. I got to share the best news with people – to be a part of what God is doing in their lives, to be a part of building his kingdom. What an amazing privilege! :)

We just have a couple days left of Kids Camp before we come home! Please pray for the kids who come, as well as their families, that they would come to know Jesus. Please also pray for strength, that I would give my best and my all for His kingdom! 

As much as we are growing in our love for Over the Rhine, we miss you all! I’m excited to share what we’ve been learning, and we are praying that God would move our church to missions in Chicagoland. 

Thank you for your prayers! See you soon!

OTR Team

P.S. here are some videos we thought you would enjoy. 

OTR girls performing body worship

Here’s a video of our team doing body worship :)


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