Redemption No Borders: Brahman of India

March 11, 2011 by jpark




Pop. of Brahman in India: 55,038,000

Language: Hindi

Religion: Hinduism

% Christian: 0.01%

Where are they located?

Brahmans have always been the highest ranking of the four varnas or categories that make up Hindu society. Brahmans are located throughout India but mainly in the Northern states such as Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. There are small concentrations in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.


What are their beliefs?

Brahmans can be identified by the three Hindu paths of Devotion, Knowledge and Yoga which they espouse in order for a person to achieve ‘god realization’, the ultimate aim of the Hindu religion. All Brahman teachings and writings relate to one of these paths. One is free to choose the path depending upon a person’s inclination. Brahmans have traditionally been priests, either in temples or to particular families. Nevertheless, many Brahmans still follow other traditional occupations such as teacher, scribe or government clerk, and landowner.




Prayer Points

  1. Brahmans are a key community in India who uphold Hinduism. Please pray that the light of the gospel breaks through the Satanic veil that blinds this community.
  2. Pray that the true God will reveal Himself to this community and use Brahmans to preach and teach about Jesus Christ.

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