Redemption No Borders: Guatemala & Pauline Lee

February 11, 2013 by Jun Kim

Population: 14,376,881

Official language: Spanish

Largest Religion: Christian (24% Evangelicals)

Challenge for Prayer:

The church has declined in influence and number in recent years. Defection to evangelicalism or to the revived Mayan spirituality is massive. Efforts by the Church to limit the impact of the large, charismatic renewal movement have only further hastened the decline, with many Catholic charismatics leaving to start new churches or to join evangelical denominations. Pray for new life to permeate the Church, and that charismatics may be rooted in Scripture rather than in subjective experience.

-Operation World

 Please pray ..

For our sister, Pauline Lee as she will be in Guatemala from Feb 16 – March 2. She will be going with other student volunteers and medical professionals as part of an outreach organization called DOCARE. They will be traveling to rural areas that have no medical equipment and set up clinics to see patients to provide treatment based on diagnosis and education, all in Spanish. As a pharm student, she will also help set up a pharmacy and will bring medications obtained by donations. Please pray for her safety as well as strength as she will be seeing patients all day for two weeks. Also pray that she would be a witness amongst the people she will meet.

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