Redemption No Borders: Ramadan

August 1, 2012 by jpark

Only 10 days into Ramadan, over 120 people have already been killed in Iraq and Nigeria. The violence already characterizing Islam’s holy month makes it easy to make negative assumptions about Muslims in general. But Paul Filidis with says Ramadan is an opportunity for Christians in free nations to reach out. “Many of us may not have opportunity to go to foreign countries to meet and interact with people of different cultures and religion. But God is bringing them to our world, to our doorstep.”

Many of the 1.5 billion Muslims all around the world potentially observing Ramadan right now are seeking spiritual answers. There are over 5 million Muslims in the U.S. Especially as Muslims are seeking answers during Ramadan, Christians have the chance to show Christ’s love. “It blesses people to reach out in hospitality and love, rather than to be suspicious, and fearful, and angry.” Believers all over need to pray for opportunities to interact with Muslim neighbors and build relationships.

“Ramadan Brings Opportunity for American Believers to Reach Out to Muslims.” Mission Network News, 26 July 2011.

Please pray ..
That Christians would intentionally reach out to their Muslim neighbors, co-workers, and classmates, showing them the love of Christ.
As Muslims seek to be fulfilled spiritually during Ramadan, pray that Christ would use any avenue, including visions and dreams, to make Himself known to them.

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