Redemption No Borders: Syrian Civil War

October 8, 2012 by jpark

Syrian Civil War

Few believe the Syrian civil war will end any time soon. In the meantime the cities of Homs,
Aleppo and Damascus are home to civil war where the future of anyone living there is
uncertain. Shelling, mortar attacks, rebel violence and more are commonplace. The terror
is felt by all who live there and many want out. Spokesman for Open Doors USA Jerry
Dykstra reports that Christians are pleading for prayer. He shares an email he received from
a pastor there: “I am crying like Nehemiah because the walls of our cities are being burned
and people are in great trouble. I can weep like Jeremiah because of the intensity and spread
of evil. I can mourn like David because of the indiscriminate brutal killing of innocent people
— children, women and our youth.” Dykstra says, “People are dying in the streets. It’s been
going on for almost 20 months now. And, there has been no resolution. That has been very
discouraging especially for the people who live there.” That discouragement is causing people
to leave. “300,000 people are now refugees from Syria in countries like Jordan, Lebanon and
Turkey. That’s triple the level from just three months ago.”

Christians face even more risk than the average Syrian. “Christians are not only victims of
the general violence, but also being targeted by militant Islamists.” Open Doors is providing
relief aid to Christians. Dykstra says, “We hear reports that many Christians are sharing with
their Muslim neighbors, they’re taking care of their children. So, even in the midst of this
terrible tragedy we see the Lord working.” Dykstra says though their work has been curtailed
because of the violence, bibles and other Christian literature have been well received by those
affected by the conflict. He says, “The Lord is really opening doors. That’s why we believe
that all doors are open for the Gospel to be brought into these countries whether it be Syria
or wherever.” In an email from their contact in Syria, Dykstra reads, “We deeply appreciate
the prayer of God’s people everywhere. This is a rare time when the church in Syria is feeling
the true oneness of the body of Christ all over the globe. For this we thank the Lord for
this great encouragement to us.”

“Christians brave as Syria spirals further” Missions Network News October 7, 2012

Please pray ..
1. That God will protect the Christians so they can continue to be salt and
2. That the Syrian people will turn to Christ during these uncertain times and
that many will come to know the Prince of Peace

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