Redemption No Borders: Syrian Civil War

July 24, 2012 by jpark

Syrian Civil War


Daily attacks. Piles of bodies. Scurrying refugees. There’s still no end in sight for the human tragedy taking place in Syria. In fact, things may just be getting started. Analysts have long been suggesting Syria’s regime-versus-rebels battle is a civil war. And on July 15, The Red Cross has officially declared the conflict a civil war. But it could be turning into something much greater.

Tom Doyle with E3 Partners says with other nations in on the conflict, things could be taking an ugly turn. “You’ve got Iran sending arms, money, aid–everything to the government to keep the Bashar Assad regime propped up. Russia has been supportive. China even said that they were supportive of Assad. So you’ve got that side that’s strong,” Doyle explains. “Then, you’ve got the Sunni Muslims that are backed by other Arab countries. If the United States would get involved in this, it at least would be a regional war, but this could even spiral into a world war.”

With Syria potentially a world war away from ending its disputes, the distribution of humanitarian aid — and, more than that, the Gospel — is crucial. E3 is responding in Jordan with blankets, food, clothing and the saving message of Christ. It may seem inconsequential in the light of civil and potentially world war, but after being in Jordan, Doyle says it’s clear that the work has been absolutely transformative. Even some radicals are changing their ways as a result. “We do know of some Sunni Muslims that had been involved in radical activities: now that they’re in Jordan and away from those terrible front-lines, they have ended up praying to receive Christ as Savior,” explains Doyle. It’s probably best that believers stay out of the Syria mess politically, Doyle says, but we do need to pray for peace. Since the start of the uprising in March 2011, the number of fatalities have reached 20,356.

“Syria’s War: civil, regional or world?” Mission News Network, 18 July, 2012.

Please pray…

1. For the end of the governmental violence and for peace in Syria.

2. For the Syrians to not only hear about Jesus, but to cling to Him

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