The Father's Heart and a Tidal Wave

November 8, 2011 by jpark

The other day as I was watching my kids, I gave my oldest a bowl of grapes for dessert and quite unexpectedly he responds, unprompted, mind you, “Thank you, daddy!”. It almost brought me to tears and for a stoic like me that’s a big deal. The backdrop of this interaction is that we’ve been trying to teach him the basics of social etiquette. You know, the “please’s” and “thank you’s” and “you’re welcome’s”, but he just couldn’t or wouldn’t get it…until today. Now, the truth is, his polite declaration of appreciation was the only one of the day and so far the week, but it truly brought much joy to my heart. This is what brought me to reflect on how this very truth: I’m hankering, I’m aching, I’m desperate for any reason to be proud of my children. I know it sounds pathetic but maybe not so much.

I don’t know that this very sentiment is so foreign to parents around the world and is, perhaps, quite indicative of being a parent. I wonder that this is not so dissimilar to the heart that God has for us. He’s looking for any reason to bless us – any hint of covenant obedience so that he can pour out a tidal wave covenant blessings. This is Yahweh’s hesed love for and to us, as illogical and irrational and incomprehensible as it seems, but we should also understand that this doesn’t mean we ought to expect to be blessed with everything that we selfishly want (#NotGenieInABottle), but rather everything that we need. Have we experienced the Father’s heart? Thank you Jesus.


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