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August 3, 2011 by jpark

“We [as Christians] have just one Book! One Book! Not a encyclopedia Britannica, thank you Jesus, but just one Book!”

I remember being exhorted by these words-to know, understand, life by, have faith in just one Book, God’s Word.¬†At TRC, I would say one of our core values is to uphold and cherish Scripture as God’s Word for our lives. It was refreshingly challenging to watch these men of God at the Gospel Coalition reaffirm this conviction. If you haven’t had a chance, I recommend watching the round table discussion between John Piper, D.A. Carson, and Tim Keller (a combined >90 yrs of ministry between them?) and to see them, with all their experience, still humbly revere this Book.

“…not about Gospel-centeredness or Christian hedonism but understanding the particularities of this Book.”

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