Tragic Judas

April 12, 2017 by Jong Park

In John 13, Jesus does not skip Judas when washing the disciples’ feet.

Jesus’ love is not wavered by Judas’ betrayal.

In Mark 14, shockingly, Judas goes ahead with his betrayal even after seeing a display of such love and servanthood.

Judas’ betrayal is not wavered by Jesus’ love.

I am Judas. There are so many times I am unmoved by Jesus’ love and I go right ahead with my betrayal, my sin, my addiction, my selfishness. But there is hope for me as there was hope for Judas. I need to learn from his unrepentant ending. Only if he would’ve repented.

There was hope for Judas. Peter denied Jesus too! But he repented. That’s all it takes. “Sorry Lord” from the bottom of my heart touches God at the core of His. And what is repentance? It is turning my mind, heart, and will back in alignment with God’s mind, heart, and will. Sometimes, I linger in the midlands, unable to make up my mind. But there is true beauty on the Lord’s side. I need to move there through repentance. Move me Lord!

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