TRC Japan 2014 Day 12! BIG Friday!

June 15, 2014 by David An

Hello TRC family! This is Mike Liu with updates for the Japan team’s last full day in Japan.

We kicked off the day like any other day at J-House with a healthy dose of morning prayer. It was going to be a big day for everyone, not just because it was our last day in Japan but also because it would be J-House’s first Big Friday event for the summer. Big Friday is an outreach event where all the new friends and relationships we made from our time in Japan are invited to J-House for food, fun, and fellowship, but also ultimately to be exposed to the gospel and get plugged into church. The pace increased as the day went on – there was so much to do in very little time before Big Friday. Up until it started, the team was scrambling to clean the entire J-House facility, cook up a feast, and practice songs and skits for the night.

Many people showed up that night. While some students we expected did not show up, there were also many students who we did not expect to come, to show their faces at J-House. Big Friday started off small group/mingling time, followed by a message by Pastor Katsuya, a special praise performance, a gospel skit, and 3 testimonies from our TRC team. It cumulated into a huge hangout and dinner in J-House’s dining area However, the night did not end there. Some students, learning that it was our last night in Japan, did not go home and decided to stay up with us for the entire night. Another student who could not attend Big Friday because of work, caught the very last train running to spend his night at J-House.

God taught me many things that night. However one significant lesson I learned is how attractive Jesus is. Attractive in the sense where many people are drawn to Him. Many students that came expressed that they just wanted to spend time with their friends from Chicago. That we were open, friendly, patient, fun, encouraging, and more. But in the end, we the entire TRC team are just a group of young adults trying to grow to be more like Him, together. And I believe that what drew the students to come was not because they were seeking us, but really because they were drawn by the tiny glimpse of Jesus that they experienced through the team. This is proof that while doing ministry may be difficult cross-culturally, there are no cross cultural barriers for Jesus’ love.

While the students may have came to Big Friday seeking for things other than Jesus, please pray that their time at J-House would push them to realize that what they are truly seeking is none other than Jesus himself. Please also pray that the team would finish strong in the light of our trip coming to an end.

Thank you TRC!

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