TRC Japan 2014 Day 11! Thanking the Troop

June 14, 2014 by David An


Hihi TRC Family!!! Sharnus writing here… We miss all you guys, but we’re so excited to FINISH THE MISSION!!!  GAMBATE~

We started the day off alongside J-Soldiers in morning prayer.  Every morning someone cries out, “ichi ni no san!” (“1…2…3..”) and we respond, “Shuyo!  Shuyo!  Shuyo!” (“Lord!  Lord!  Lord!”)  We start the day off strong, excited and full of prayer…. it’s one of my favorite things about J-House.

We ended the night by throwing a thank you dinner for the J-Soldiers and any J-House staff and members that were able to come. We’re so thankful that they have welcomed us into their church with open arms.  As they have been leading and teaching us these past two weeks, we have been privileged to witness such earnest hearts living for God.  So, naturally, we wanted to serve them the best way TRC knows how, FOOD.

Today I learned that, though our trip is almost over, we still need to depend wholly on God.  That we cannot relent on our prayers but need to pray with more fervency.  Not just because of our campus ministry but to also continue to pray for J-House and J-Soldiers, now as friends and partners in the God’s redemption story.

Please pray for:

  • BIG FRIDAY!  our last ministry event here in Japan, where we invited all our friends to be connected to J-House.  That we would pour all of our hearts out as we share our testimonies, skit, sing and serve.

  • That our prayers will not cease and will increase in fervency.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!  We cannot wait to see you guys on Sunday~

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