TRC Japan 2014 Day 13! Finish The Mission!

June 16, 2014 by David An

Hello all, it’s David. It’s bittersweet to say, but this will likely be the final entry of our team’s blog. Bitter because we will soon be on our way home, saying good-bye to the friends, gospel partners, and country we have come to enjoy and love for the past two weeks. Sweet because we will return home with many lessons learned and testimonies of God working during our time here. And to everyone who followed our blog, encouraged us, and partnered with us through prayer, we offer our sincere thanks. Just as you have been a blessing to us, we hope the same could be said about our trip =).

It’s a bit crazy to think that after months of prayer, preparation, and training, our trip has come and gone just like that. It definitely seems to have flown by and has left us wanting more (at least for another week =P). Through the ups and downs, we have experienced and learned so much – collectively and individually. Though it felt like we were pushed out of our comfort zones every single second (through campus/street evangelism, lack of sleep/fighting through prayer, and learning to deny ourselves in many small and big ways), we feel thankful to have had the chance to come here. Even though it can be said that there were many “costs” to making this trip possible for each of us, these pale in comparison to the blessings we have received. After all, through this trip we saw more of God and His love – for us and especially for the people of Japan. In view of that, these “costs” can only be considered a privilege for us to be a part of His work.

For me, as our time in Japan comes to an end and I prepare to return to America, our team’s often-repeated phrase comes to mind: finish the mission. One reason God has been reminding me of this phrase is because He is teaching me that my mission does not end here. Rather, it continues for the rest of my life. Our team has come to learn that missions is not to be compartmentalized to a short-term trip nor is it the calling for only full-time missionaries. Instead, it is a life-long venture for every follower of Christ. After all, missions is a lifestyle, not a program. I am sure this will play out differently for each and every team member, but our hope is that God would be glorified through it all! (And though our official team blog will end, I’m excited to hear and see how our individual stories will continue as we strive to live faithfully for His kingdom). Please continue to pray for us after we return just as you have done so before and during the trip! 

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for our transition back to America as we will be returning to the workplaces and areas of callings that God has placed us in.

Please continue to pray for the continued ministry of J-House – for perseverance and follow-ups with the students we met to go well.

Please pray for the other missions teams that will come to J-House in the coming months – that we will be able to build on each other’s ministries for the Gospel.

Thanks for reading and following our blog…can’t wait to update y’all in person! 

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