TRC Japan 2014 Day 4! Katsuya, Katsudon, and Pikachu

June 5, 2014 by David An

Hi All,

This is Daniel Yu sharing with you our first Thursday together in Japan. This morning, we met with Pastor Katsuya of J-House, and he shared with us the church’s history and evangelism strategy. He was energetic and unashamed of his shortcomings and God’s working in his life. We also got to go over our schedule more specifically for events we will be doing with the church. We will be inviting people off the street to join church plants in Kobe and Kyoto on Friday and Saturday; sharing testimonies and singing at Sunday worship; and splitting up to join various small group and help out with children’s ministry. I’m sure details will come to you as we participate in these various ministries. Afterwards, we went to a university to befriend students and invite them to the weekly on-campus language club, the nearby Kobe church plant, and the party we will be holding on the Friday before we leave for home. We all had katsudon for lunch in the cafeteria.

I think God really showed us all a lot through what Pastor Katsuya shared. Personally, I was impacted by his faithfulness and testimony of how J-House started. He joked about how in his pride he thought that he would create a massive church in just a few years in his home country that had such a small Christian population. But when he founded the church in 1999, the congregation was just his wife and mother. He tried as many different things as he could think of, and the church gained members one by one. He shared with us that God doesn’t need us, but it is our privilege to be used by Him.

We appreciate all your prayers and support so far. We’re discovering just how packed our schedule is, so please pray that we’ll have energy as we go throughout the day. Please also pray that we would have the wisdom and desire to support each other and all the ministries that we will be a part of. Glory to God.

We saw on campus an advertisement for a student club that was a picture of Pikachu playing a guitar. Sadly, no picture.

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