TRC Japan 2014 Day 5! Kobe Evangelism

June 6, 2014 by David An

133Konnichiwa from Japan! This is Ashley Moy.

After we started the day off with prayer meeting, the team headed off to a campus together. The campus was pretty big, which created a lot of opportunities to meet people. I was able to have a conversation right away with somebody after simply asking for directions to the cafeteria. The student was kind enough to lead the entire team to our destination. My pairing was able to talk with quite a few individuals during our stay on campus. We also had faced our first rejection, which was a bit discouraging at first. The entire team shared our blessings about our partners before we left campus. After campus ministry we headed back to meet the Jesus Soldiers to take us to Kobe for the ministry there. The team ended up doing street evangelism, which allowed us to sing some praise songs and hand out flyers for the Friday night Kobe service. The actual room for the Kobe service was really small as they have just planted ministry in this particular location. We had worship, special praise, message, and group sharing time. Afterwards we all went to Burger King to fellowship. I was really blessed from meeting a girl who was just learning about who God is. We were able to share and then pray with each other.

Today God taught me how much bolder and faithful I need to be in stepping out with my faith. Street evangelism was extremely challenging for me since you really need to put yourself out there. Constant rejection was a bit hard to face with people just walking past you not showing any interest at all. To think this is what the Jesus Soldiers do every week was kind of mind blowing and rebuking.

I think at this point of the trip a lot of us are growing physically tired. Our bodies and voices just aren’t used to the amount of walking and talking that we’ve been doing every day. Please pray for physical and spiritual strength to help us get through these days. Also, that our hearts will love the people in Japan even more. We really appreciate your prayers!!!

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