TRC Japan 2014 Day 7! Testimonies, Tacos, and T-Shirts

June 9, 2014 by David An

Hello TRC! Happy Lord’s Day! This is Jen Lee :)

Today we were able to worship at J-house with Jesus Soldiers and J-house members. J-house demographics are very similar to TRC – lots of young adults, college students, and young families. So, it reminded us a lot of TRC! (Miss you guys!) Our day started with our own morning prayer to prepare us for the day. Then we joined the J-House servant’s meeting. It’s their “Hallelujah! Let’s Ganbatte today!” meeting. It’s pretty awesome. They have short but really lively worship/prayer then they all jump straight into cleaning and setting up the whole J-house building for their congregation. Though it’s all just chores (cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the stairways, vacuuming etc) they all do it with joyful attitudes. J-house has two worship services.

First one is at 10:00 in Japanese. Lisa was able to share her testimony in that one. A lot of people enjoyed it and were blessed by her testimony. During the first service, some of the team members were able to participate in their children’s ministry “Promise Land.” I was told the Japanese kids were SUPER DUPER cute….and they had a crepe party!! After, we had a quick lunch and then participated in street invitation/ministry with Pastor Katsuya and a few Jesus Soldiers. We handed out flyers on the streets inviting people passing by to J-house. Hm.. let’s just say it’s very.. humbling. The 2nd service is a bilingual service. I was able to share my testimony and I think it went pretty well? Yasu from University of Illinois translated for me. (Maybe some of y’all know him?) After that we had “cell group,” which is their small group/bible study. Then TRC team cooked for the J-house members and the Jesus soldiers. We cooked chicken tacos with taco bell seasoning. Apparently, cilantros and lime juice are impossible to find in Japan so we used Furigake and did an Asian version of Chipotle rice. Yasu bought us ice cream and milk tea. Over the food, we were able to really talk to the J-house members and Jesus Soldiers and really get to know them. Lots of sharing, talking and laughing. It was just a good day with good company and good food. :)

We also tried to do our laundry. Laundry in Japan is hard!!!!!!!!!!!! The first team took a few suit cases and walked around Osaka for an hour looking for a Laundromat that was open. They returned defeated. The 2nd team went with a Jesus Soldier, Dasuke, who stayed with them for FOUR hours until it was done. So thankful. Without Dasuke’s help, a lot of us would be walking around in sweaty moldy clothes tomorrow.

I was blessed today with just the sincerity and genuine hearts of J-house members. Their sharing and caring for one another and us was really refreshing to see. They say we’re such a blessing to them, but honestly I think we’re getting blessed by them a lot more. Talking to the members, we’re all definitely learning a lot from the Jesus Soldiers! I was personally so blessed today because one of the students we met at one of the schools joined us at J-house, stayed for bible study, fellowship and dinner. Honestly speaking, I don’t think I would just join random people from Chicago who just handed out flyers to me on campus. How do you know they’re not lying?! But she stuck around, asked genuine questions and (I think) really had fun today. I just so blessed by her open heart and open attitude. It really showed me God loves this country and how He is really working in Japan.

Prayer requests:
– Pray for physical, mental and spiritual strength for our team. It’s half way through and a lot of us are exhausted.
– Pray that we can be really really REALLYYYY be a blessing to Jesus Soldiers and the J-house members!
– Pray for J-house and all the believers in Japan to be blessed and to stay strong in their faith in such a spiritually dead country.

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