TRC Japan 2014 Day 8! Pieces in Motion, Pieces at Rest

June 10, 2014 by David An

Hi TRC! Jeff Ma here. After the busy weekend, Monday is the day of rest for the Jesus-Soldiers (full time missionaries) here at J-House. Because of that, our day was relatively light too. We spent the day at a university where most of the students happen to study English. This makes talking and connecting with the students a lot simpler. However, the things that we do there, is not officially sanctioned by the university.

While there, David and I spent lunchtime with three students. Our conversation gave us an opportunity to share the Gospel and to invite them to J-House for church service. Unfortunately, one of the three students reported us and we ended up getting kicked out. They were extremely nice about it and we were able to go back in through another entrance. This was really discouraging for me because we had a really good talk with the students and one of them appeared to really want to come out to the Wednesday service. Yet, talking with the J-Soldiers (Jesus-Soldiers), this is a pretty common occurrence. It really reminded me just how difficult it is to do ministry here in Japan and just how much prayer is needed as Satan has such a strong grip on this nation.

After the rest of the team finished, we simply came back to the church, cooked dinner, and talked with people at J-House. Overall, the team is forming good personal relationships with many people here in Japan, but one of our goals is to get them to come out to J-House so we can spend more time talking with them and connect them with the church. This is difficult as many of the students are relatively busy, and traveling to J-House can easily take over an hour one-way. Fortunately, a few of us had success in getting people to come out. On top of that, even if they understand the Gospel, the lack of spirituality in Japanese culture is a big hindrance from accepting Jesus.

Even though today we were pieces at rest (relatively), we believe that God has many pieces in motion that require much prayer. For us, the rest of the week is going be a race to the finish. Please pray for our week as we’ll be visiting a university every day and the nights will be filled with Homeless ministry, Wednesday night power worship, J-House appreciation, and Big Friday America Night Party. Much prayer is needed for us to do our very best with the little time we have left. Also, please pray for God ordained opportunities to share the Gospel and for open hearts and ears.

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