TRC Japan 2014 Day 2! Place for You

June 4, 2014 by David An

Ohaiyou…! This is Tiffany Yu.

Today we started the morning by meeting with the Jesus Soldiers (the local church missionaries) for devotionals. We had personal quiet time, sang a couple of songs, prayed, and heard a brief devotional from one of the Jesus Soldier on Proverbs 3. The team then split up into smaller groups to cover four college campuses. There we supported the Jesus Soldiers in canvasing their English Clubs, which involved passing out flyers and also inviting new students. (I was able to meet about 8 new students.) We then returned early to participate in Homeless Ministry, which involved Mike sharing his testimony and Jason giving a sermon on Matthew 20 (Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard). The pastor and staff served us Curry Chicken and Milk Soda (oishii!) and also encouraged us. We ended the day with team debriefing and prayer.

God is helping me to develop more of a servant’s heart for the Japanese. I am grateful that we are able to support the local church here in their endeavors to reach this nation. Our first day on campus was good in giving me an opportunity to get to know the people here and their culture, the way they interact with foreigners, and even the way they serve us. One thing that particularly humbled me was the pastor at the Homeless Ministry, who talked about the homeless. He said the homeless was not just the congregation but those who did not know Jesus Christ and did not have an eternal home with him to look forward to. This reminded me of John 14 about Jesus preparing a room and place for us in our Father’s house. There was also a moment where we were on the stage and the entire congregation was called to worship and call upon God. It was humbling being blessed by those I perceive to have so little.

Please pray that we would have wisdom to know how to approach students. We will be going to campus without the Jesus Soldiers for the rest of the week and will not be able to rely on them to lead us (though that isn’t to say that they didn’t push us!). Please pray that we would be eager to serve the church here, whether that be in supporting their English Clubs or being an encouragement at their in-church fellowship tomorrow. Please pray that our team would continue to rely on his grace and strength as we’re still adjusting to the new environment (and pray that we would adjust quickly as our time is short!)


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