Benevolence Program

The TRC Benevolence Program is designed to picture the kindness and compassion of our God, and do so by assisting TRC members and attendees during times of emergency and financial crisis.  Assistance is provided as a supplement to the spiritual support provided by the church, and specifically in the form of need-based short-term financial assistance (e.g., to cover an inability to pay for rent or groceries due to loss of job).  The TRC benevolence program is governed by a discrete set of program guidelines, and all applications for assistance will be considered for approval and disbursement by a review committee.

COVID-19 EXTENSION: During these trying times, TRC will extend the benevolence program to additionally cover financial needs of immediate family (parents, children, and siblings) as well as personal friends of TRC members and regular attendees. The need-based financial assistance provided by this extension will be in the form of set, one-time amounts.  While this COVID-19 extension to the benevolence program is temporary, we hope to further picture God’s comforting hand (if even in just a small way) to those around us facing financial need.

Please complete the form below to initiate the application process, and the review committee will reach out to you shortly.  May the Lord keep you and hold you during this time.

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