Life Groups

Life Groups


Joining a Life Group is one of the best ways to experience community at Redemption!

Comprising of about a dozen to twenty people, Life Groups meet about every other week in individual homes. Some goals of life groups are Bible study, accountability, mutual support, and practical love and service. All groups are led by trained leaders from the congregation who are given continued oversight and support.

We would love to help you connect with one of our life groups. Regardless of your age or place in life, it is never too late to join! You can sign up here or at church (welcome table).


City 1
Leaders: Lawrence Chen, Yejun Kim, Eunice Hahn
Place: City
Day & Time: Tuesdays 7PM

City 2
Leaders: Calvin Chu, Esteban Lee, Dan Lee
Place: City
Day & Time: Wednesdays 7PM

City 3
Leaders: Robin Yang, Janet Yang, Chris Yoon
Place: City
Day & Time: Fridays 7:30PM

Southwest 1
Leaders: Eunseok Choi, Cindy Lam, Matt Dacanay
Place: Lombard, IL
Day & Time: Tuesdays 7PM

Southwest 2
Leaders: Eric Choi, Annie Lee, Jason Cheng, Jimmy Phillip
Place: Lisle-Wheaton, IL
Day & Time: Wednesdays 7pm

Wheaton College 
Leaders: Jason Cheng
Place: Wheaton College Campus
Day & Time: Wednesdays 7:30PM

Midwestern University 
Leaders: Jeff Ma, Carrie Park
Place: Midwestern University, Downers Grove, IL
Day & Time: Wednesdays 7:30PM

North-Northwest 1
Leaders: Elliott Cho, Richard Muryanto
Place: Arlington Heights, IL
Day & Time: Tuesdays 7:30PM

North-Northwest 2
Leaders: Shirley Lim, Jessica Lee
Place: Des Plaines, IL
Day & Time: Wednesdays 7:30PM

North-Northwest 3
Leaders: Richard Park, Cleve & Grace Hosea, Alex Joe
Place: Arlington Heights, IL
Day & Time: Fridays 7:30PM

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