Get Ready for ReFuel 2015!

September 29, 2015 by Jong Park

During my seminary days in Philadelphia (quite a while ago!), I served as the college pastor at UPenn. New York was just a stone’s throw away from Philly and the “hot spot” professionally speaking. Naturally, many of our graduates applied for jobs in the Big Apple. However, living in NYC was not always what they thought it would be, evinced by the calls from these Manhattan rookies, “Pastor, I’m dying. I work insane hours, come home, crawl into bed for a glorified nap only to repeat the next day. I have no energy to make it out to small groups. Honestly, I’m lucky if I make it out to Sunday service.”

I always appreciated these phone calls for their honesty. Life is hard. It is tough to walk by faith in any stage of life, but especially for those of us caught up in this so called rat race.

This is why have events like Refuel. Refuel is a collaborative “cry” to God to revive us so we can be His witnesses in our families, at our work, and in our schools. But in order for ReFuel to be successful we must keep in mind these three “all’s”:1. All the Services and Seminar. Come both nights if you can. We believe God has given the speaker two messages that will hit us harder in tandem than solo. Be sure to check out the Leadership seminar on Saturday morning as well.

There’s another reason you should consider coming both nights. Simply, you will get to spend more time in worship, prayer, Word, and fellowship. Some of you may dislike meetings like this for that very reason – “I’m sick of going to church things and just talking about God. I want to go out there and do it.” Agreed. Most of us want faith with feet. However, we must wisely guard against a logic that disconnects prayer and action. On the contrary, prayer begs for action. It begets action. It fuels it. Hebrews 4:12 says the Word is “living” and “active”. I take that to mean that the Word coupled with prayer won’t let me just sit there.Massive prayer and massive consumption of the Word should result in massive action. Action apart from Word and prayer will fizzle out eventually because its source is in man and not in God. If we sat at the feet of Jesus more, we would live better and bigger.

2. All Together. There is symbiotic spiritual power when God’s people work together. It also displays Kingdom collaboration when churches work together. It’s been wonderful to smell the sweet fragrance of Christ-centered unity as we’ve been meeting to pray for ReFuel. There are a few different local churches participating, but we are really one Church. Let us be united in love.

3. All God. Revivals happen in God’s time, by God’s Spirit, in God’s way. Man can’t generate a revival; God must give it. So why call this a “revival” meeting? Because it’s a statement of our preparation rather than one of presumption. We are saying, “Lord, you are the God of revival. We’ve carved out these two nights to gather as your people to hear your Word and to pray. So by your grace, may your people experience a spiritual awakening so that we can impact the world we live in. We dare not tell you what to do. We simply express our hunger for what we desire to see happen among us.”

As we come to ReFuel, this is our prayer, “By your grace, refuel our empty hearts.” And because He is faithful, He will do it.
(adapted from an earlier post a few years ago)

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