Redemption No Borders: Kenya

March 18, 2013 by Jun Kim

Primary Language: English

Primary Religion: Christianity

Evangelical: 48.9% 

All eyes were on Kenya as elections took place this past Monday as millions of Kenyans poured into polling places to cast their votes in a crucial presidential election. These elections held high significance for they were the first elections under the new constitution. Many Kenyans hope for a peaceful transition as recent memories of violence in 2007 election from tribal conflicts remain.

Especially Christians in Kenya are hoping for changes that would ease off growing oppositions against Christians in Kenya. Though Kenya is a regional and continental hub for African missions, with recent growth of Islamic influences in Kenya, there have been growing political instability and fears that religious freedom hangs in the balance. Additionally, Open Doors reports that the pressure on the government allowing for greater official influence for Islam remains a high priority.

Statistically, Kenya is already 80% “Christian.” In practice, most are Christians in name only, with less than 12% of the population attending church. ¬†There are many who say they’re Christians who have little understanding or misunderstand the foundations of the Gospel. Open Doors is calling Christians around the world to join in prayer for Kenya as the full implementation process takes place and churches continue their ministry.

Prayer Requests

1. God would guide the new government with wisdom and

2. Strength and unity for Christians in the midst of growing persecutions

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