Redemption No Borders: Nigeria

March 5, 2013 by Jun Kim

Population: 81,123,521

Largest Religion: Christian (30.8% Evangelicals)

Recent News:

A weekend argument over a soccer field in Wukari, Nigeria exploded into a free-for-all of violence between Muslims and Christians. Within minutes, the fight spiraled out of control. The violence extended into the village and the town. As of Monday (February 26th), the casualty list ranged from 20 to 30 victims. Aside from the loss of homes, places of worship also sustained damage.

“What distresses me,” says Open Doors Minister Paul Estabrooks, “is that it’s the young people of northern Nigeria who are the most restless about the violence and about the issues that the two religious groups face.”

Estabrooks says Christians in Nigeria need prayer for wisdom and grace. “We really need to pray for our brothers and sisters who live in that area of such high tensions, and that God would give them the ability to be peacemakers rather than respond to every little insult and let it erupt into violence that will just about destroy an entire community.”

The Gospel message runs counter to the tit-for-tat that disintegrated into a melee Saturday. Estabrooks explains, “Jesus’ teaching is a very attractive teaching to people of peace, love, and the ‘putting others before yourself.’ But if we don’t live it as Christians, no one else is going to accept it because they don’t see it in reality.”

 Please pray…

  1. God would grant these Christian brothers and sisters the humility to forgive and love despite such hostile situations.
  2. For God to raise up a generation who will live out the Gospel through their lives.
  3. For God to continue to strengthen the church in Nigeria.

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