Redemption No Borders: Widows in India

February 4, 2013 by Jun Kim

Widows, the poorest of the poor, are shunned from society when their husbands die. It’s not for religious reasons, but because of tradition–and because they’re seen as a financial drain on their families. Of India’s approximately 1.21 billion people, 40 million are widows. There’s a widow in one of four homes. And even though she and others like her make up a significant part of the population, a South Asian widow rarely receives the love and respect usually reserved for elders. Widowhood is at the absolute bottom of India’s five-tiered caste system, falling even below the Dalits or “Untouchables.” They can’t remarry or wear jewelry and are often forced to shave their heads. Because of her husband’s death, a widow is seen as a curse; even her shadow is considered bad luck. Many widows are left to care for smaller children and receive little or no help from relatives, so street begging or prostitution quickly becomes a way of life. Grown children often ignore the needs of an elderly widowed mother, and 92% of India’s women age 70 and older are widows. Belivers show widows their true value in Christ


Please pray …

  1. That widows would come to salvation through Jesus Christ after hearing about His love.
  2. That God would keep revealing His love for these women through the local churches in India.

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