The Center Of Mission

January 6, 2019

Part of the No Series series, preached at a Lord's Day service

The Center Of Mission / Mark 8:27-38 / Rev. Chris Hodge

Rev. Chris Hodge

Rev. Chris Hodge

About Rev. Chris Hodge: A man in motion, Chris Hodge is always moving forward. His journey has taken him to the College of Charleston and graduate training at Reformed Theological Seminary and Beeson Divinity School, but his real education has come as he and his family have grown in relationships with other people as they labored together in the pursuit of the fame of God. Chris is exhilarated by seeing and participating in the expansion of the enjoyment of God in people and churches. He has been falling deeper in love with his wife Karen since their marriage in 1990 and has been entrusted with two delightful children through whom he has been taught and encouraged – Anna Grace and Haddon. Before coming to Naperville, Chris and his family were enjoying the sun and surf in Stuart, Florida where they started a church family in 1996. They had the privilege of seeing many people start their journey with God and become part of His family. They even got to see their church become a parent as they began new congregations in 2000 and in 2005, and an uncle as they supported new church movements around the country. In April, 2006 the Hodge family (with full weather consciousness) merged with Naperville Presbyterian in their journey to know God more joyfully and spread His inexhaustible pleasure to men, women and children everywhere.


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